• Perinatal nutrition
    Programing immune function long term ( mechanism and implications ).
  • Interventional therapy for obese adolescent
    Postoperative nutrition and immune outcome.
  • Perspectives and challenges of vaccination
    The critically ill infant.
  • PICU tool kit implementation
    Simple pediatric tool kit.
    Nutritional screening of PICU patients.
  • Nutrient cure in common pediatric GIT dysfunction.
  • Diet as an immune shield
    Responsive nutrition.
    Apitherapy and immunity.
    Elimination diet food maps.

Junior doctors Education Sessions

  • Session 1 Boosting immune system in the 1st year of life.
  • Session 2 The story of iron …. from A to Z.
  • Session 3 Ketogenic diet application and difficulties.
  • Session 4 Infancy & childhood obesity … Who is responsible?
  • Session 5 Complementary feeding …. What you should know ?
  • Session 6 Infant nutrition and brain development ….
  • Session 7 The dilemma of feeding problems in infancy and childhood.
  • Session 8 Golden Basics of Vaccination in pediatrics.